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We added a Size Filter!

I am REALLY excited to share my Proud Nerdy Moment of the Day!!  How ANNOYING is it to go to each item and scroll down to your size and see it's sold out. Who else does this?? Try one item. SOLD OUT. Try the second. SOLD OUT. MAYBE I will try a third. But I am already bored and I move on... So I added a SIZE FILTER to the site! I am so excited about this! Choose the Category you want to see and you will see the Size Filter. MAGIC!  

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Cyber Monday

Good afternoon Mama Fashionistas! Paula and I would just like to thank you for a truly AMAZING Cyber Monday!  You really blew us away, yesterday.  We know that a lot of the success was due to these Snickerdoodle Cookies with Santa Triple Ruffle Leggings and Pearls.  Aren't they the CUTEST!  We cannot wait to see pictures of your beautiful daughters in these EXCLUSIVE Little Fashionista Boutique Truffles.  EEK! We have decided to extend the Cyber Monday sale just one more day.  Be sure to use code MISSEDCYBERMONDAY to save 30% off of $75. And as usual, all orders ship free. Thank you SO much for choosing LFB! It's going to take me a few days to get these orders out...

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